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How Can I Reduce My Company's
Exposure to Auto Risk and Claims?

Insure your risk exposure to commercial auto claimsReducing your company's exposure to commercial auto risk and liability starts with educating yourself and your team of the various area of risk exposure, based upon your vehicle usage. One of the most significant actions ;you can take as an employer is to limit the amount of time that any one driver is expected to spend behind the wheel. Statistics show that drivers who are tired to the point of exhaustion are more dangerous behind the wheel than drivers who are operating under the influence of alcohol.

Distractions while driving are another risk factor in accidents. Limit the time that you and your staff spend on the telephone with your drivers, perhaps even restricting this activity to vehicle stops only. Similarly, ensure that your driver knows where he is going before he leaves your facility. If he needs to consult his paperwork, he should know it's company policy to pull over and not be checking paperwork while underway. Whenever possible, have more than one employee in the vehicle so the driver is only responsible for driving.

You can also add "How's My Driving?" bumper stickers to your fleet so that Mr. and Mrs. Public can be your eyes and ears on your employees' driving habits. If you get even one complaint against one of your drivers, investigate it thoroughly.

Your agent at Cole Harrison Insurance is available to discuss other steps which may make sense for your unique company vehicle-usage and auto risk situation. Please call on us. We are here to help. While much of this is common sense, actually discussing this with your employees is critical and a key component of reducing your risk of a commercial auto insurance claim.

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